Why Clean Plates?

Clean Plates guides are written for everyone and every body.

Clean Plates guides help people make better, smarter decisions when it comes to eating and staying healthy. From gourmet meals to takeout or dining at your desk, Clean Plates has all types of dining and snacking scenarios covered.

Whether you’re looking for a sustainable establishment that serves animal foods free of hormones and antibiotics, festive food truck fare or vegan/vegetarian options that are truly gluten free, Clean Plates does the hard work and research for you, identifying the region’s foremost restaurants that are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

As today’s companies aspire to boost their bottom line, nutrition and health initiatives are rapidly becoming a popular part of corporate culture. In fact, studies have shown that organizations that execute fitness and nutrition programs in their offices, enjoy:

  • Greater productivity
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Enhanced company image
  • Increased interest among jobseekers

A healthy plan of action may be the best investment you make all year. Make nutrition a priority and let Clean Plates steer you and your employees in a healthy direction.

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